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Bergamo letter: Wolves in Wilderness 

Bergamo letter: Wolves in Wilderness Regarding death of collared wolf. The great, unblighted Frank Church wilderness ... until Idaho Fish and Game committed a wildlife violation in a federally protected wilderness. Bringing in a helicopter to chase down wolves and collaring four wolves. Idaho Department of Fish and Game also brought in a state-hired hunter to kill off nine wolves, before deciding to pull the hunter out. Wow. A black eye on IDFG? More like a travesty. IDFG blames miscommunication. This agency has more excuses for violations against wolves than a 4-year-old caught in a cookie jar. The blatant disrespect [...]

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USFWS Order more wolves killed

  Tyler Abbott is operating on a Court order from 1994 he told us... We asked him if he needed a dust mask to flip through the Pages. It is time that these agencies are stopped from killing our Sacred Wildlife. Federal Law says they must complete a current Nepa EIS prior to issuing a Lethal Action, When we asked Abbott for this, not only could he not provide it... He stated " I think it was done." so he does not even know for certain if it was done. We offered them a Native American Religious Sanctuary for these [...]

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County, stock growers call on Congress to delist wolves

Wyoming is trying to sneak around with delisting.... along with Ranchers... Wanting the gray wolf to be turned over to state management as soon as possible, Park County commissioners are calling on Congress to do an end-run around the judges and environmental groups that might stand in the way. On Tuesday, commissioners threw their support behind a proposed insertion into the “Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016” that would remove federal Endangered Species Act protections for the wolf and effectively block any environmentalists from challenging the delisting in court. “The way I read it, it says that it will be [...]

USFWS asks USDAs Goon Squad to kill more Wolves in Wyoming

Wyoming needs to hear from us, they were given a viable solution by us with Relocation to our Native American Religious Sanctuary. The Longer it takes us to raise Funds, the More Wolves will Die. Its up to all of us to step up and make this Sanctuary a living breathing Voice to speak for our wolves from the Native American Religious Rights Aspect. JACKSON — Three wolves in a problematic pack near Jackson are being targeted by wildlife officials after another attack on cattle. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service again sent a U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services [...]