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LETTER: Wolves should be treated as trophy game

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More crooked people… Wyoming Stock Growers Association trying to get a rider attached to energy legislation… Riders need to be banned! On Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 the Enterprise reported that the Park County commissioners signed on to a letter drafted by the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) urging the U.S. Senate Energy Committee to attach an unrelated rider to their …

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Are Dogs Really 99.9% Wolf?

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Domestic dogs split from their wild counterpart, the grey wolf, quite recently by evolutionary timescales and are remarkably similar from a genetic standpoint. In general, the domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the grey wolf, from which it differs by only ~0.04% in nuclear coding-DNA sequence, and no dog [mitochondrial DNA] sequences have been found that show closer …

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USFWS asks USDAs Goon Squad to kill more Wolves in Wyoming

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Wyoming needs to hear from us, they were given a viable solution by us with Relocation to our Native American Religious Sanctuary. The Longer it takes us to raise Funds, the More Wolves will Die. Its up to all of us to step up and make this Sanctuary a living breathing Voice to speak for our wolves from the Native …