Druid Pack

Hunting limit reached near Yellowstone after 2 wolves killed

It is very obvious that all National Parks need a 20 mile no hunting boundary around them. HELENA — Montana wildlife officials say the wolf hunting limit has been reached in areas north of Yellowstone National Park after hunters killed two of the predators. Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say Wolf Management Unit 313 in southern Park County will close to further hunting after sunset Wednesday. The announcement follows the closure of an adjacent wolf management unit in September, when hunters killed three wolves. The quota for that area is two. Those two areas near Yellowstone and a third near [...]

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Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack

A little more Information for those who are curious about the "Druid" pack. It is good to hear that 778M is still alive and roaming!! During November 2008, 6 males from the former Druid Peak pack and 4 females from the former Agate Creek pack joined to form the Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack. Wolves 693F and 302M were the original alpha pair until 302M was killed by other wolves (likely the Quadrant Mountain pack) in October 2009. Wolf 778M (collared in January 2011 and previously referred to as “Big Brown”) replaced 302M as the alpha male and maintained his alpha-pair [...]

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