Congress wants to put wolves back in crosshairs

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Congress wants to put wolves back in crosshairs

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protect the wolves, keep wolves on esl, oppose welfare ranching

  One of the primary Reasons that the court overturned this, might happen to be that they failed to consider that wolves are in fact sacred to Native Americans. Along with the Feds Broke their own policy on the ESL. They did not consider the consequences of only a partial delisting,  when you add in the phrase “Historical Range”.

 Look at Washington State for example, the west half is endangered, the east half is not… rather than relocating a pack or two to acceptable landscapes available on the west side of their self drawn line… Donny Martorello chooses to call them “Bad Wolves” wolves that they do not want…

  What does a prudent Individual think that wolves do? When their food sources are ran out of the country by Rancher, and cattle presence, what would you do but answer the dinner bell that they have handed you. Grazing Allotments in the National Forest need to stop period. Those Resources were placed their by the creator for the wildlife… not the Rancher to get fat off of. DO they care about their Cows? Yep all the way to the Auction…. American Taxpayers it is time to stop subsidizing Individuals that just somehow can not seem to make sound business decisions on their own… Example: continue to place cows that they claim to love in harms way, with no way of actually knowing if they are safe or not. Can they see all their cows in the wilderness to know if one, two, 10, 30 are sick? Hell no…. That as far as we are concerned is a blatant case of Animal Abuse!

 Large Groups do not advocate banning Grazing Allotments due to one fact! They cant decide what side of the fence that they want to be on….. They are actively seeking Donations to pay their overpaid Directors from both sides of the fence, thereby taking their eye off of what truly matters…. Our Wildlife. When it becomes about money and being able to pay their overpaid Directors… They have lost touch with what really needs to happen, and allow special Interest Groups the ability to influence our Wildlife Policy’s. Those Types of Groups should perhaps find different Professions. Western Watersheds Project knew upfront that we advocate to ban grazing allotments, they are 1 of the 2 that we know of that do besides Us. Whats the best way to get rid of a PROBLEM?? its not Rocket Science Folks…. You get rid of what is causing the problem…. Ranchers Cattle!!

Wolf hunting might be returning to Michigan as early as late this fall — a prospect bringing swift condemnation from animal advocates who want to keep the state’s gray wolves on the endangered species list.

The proposed removal of wolves from an endangered designation has been approved by the House Appropriations committee and is expected to pass the Republican-led House, the GOP-controlled Senate and eventually be signed by President Trump as part of the larger federal budget.

At least one environmental legal expert said Tuesday the appropriations bill language would trump a Tuesday ruling by a panel of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., that found a federal agency displayed “unreasoned, arbitrary, and capricious decision-making” when it removed endangered species protections for gray wolves. The congressional spending bill would prohibit the U.S. Interior Department from using federal funding to put wolves on the endangered species list.

“As a practical matter, the appropriations bill would prohibit the government from complying with the appeals court order and would prevent the federal government from enforcing the Endangered Species Act’s provision relating to agency rules for the fiscal year,” said Case Western Reserve University law professor Jonathan Adler, who specializes in environmental issues and edited a book on the endangered species law.

But if Congress failed to renew the appropriations prohibition in any year, the court order would restore federal protections for the gray wolves, Adler said Tuesday.

Since more than an estimated 610 wolves live in the Upper Peninsula, state Department of Natural Resources officials are advocating — when allowed — a controlled hunt as well as awarding owners of livestock the right to kill a wolf that threatens their animals.

Controlled hunting supporters say it is needed because the wolf population is vibrant enough and that owners of livestock and pets need to be able to protect them from attacks.

Source: Congress wants to put wolves back in crosshairs

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  1. ARLENE CIROCCOI August 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    If the greedy ranchers would keep their cows off of GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, there would be no problem with the wolves!!…Stop the ” baiting” of wolves with the cattle, and they will go after their own prey. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY BELONGS TO THE WILDLIFE, NOT WELLFARE CATTLE RANCHERS. STOP BAITING THE WOLVES WITH THEIR COWS!!

  2. Maria smith August 6, 2017 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    NO Wolf hunting! We must save this magestic animals!!

  3. Mary Wolfe August 10, 2017 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    I am sick and tired of seeing the Wolves being destroyed just because they live. It’s a wolf. It’s going to kill your cows if you have them on land away from your homestead. The killings just need to stop! Isn’t it about time that the apex predators got a reprieve from all of these killings? Slaughter is not the answer.

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