Oregon Wolf POACHED

Oregon Wolf POACHED

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Eyes will be on K Falls area now!!!! OREGON WOLF POACHER needs caught. Do we have any followers in Klammath Falls Or?
October 11, 2017

US Fish and Wildlife Service News Release

$5,000 Reward Offered for Information on Illegal Killing of Gray Wolf Near Klamath Falls, Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for killing a federally protected gray wolf in southcentral Oregon.

On April 23, 2017, a canid carcass was found about 20 miles northwest of Klamath Falls on Fremont-Winema National Forest. The carcass was sent to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Forensics Labs in Ashland, Oregon, for a necropsy, which determined that it was a male gray wolf known as OR-33, and that it died from gunshot wounds. The Service does not have an estimated date of when it was shot. More info

Source: ODFW Gray Wolves

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  1. A listener October 12, 2017 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    You have to infiltrate (best through family connections) the places where the wildlife haters brag and show their military gun tech off to one another.
    Klamath Falls is somewhat diverse, in its college-town and rural hub-orientations. The forested area to the NW has a lot of RV visitors in nonwinter seasons. Those people remain for weeks and months, playing with their toy guns when not fishing.The area south and east is not ” rural” (much BLM land, though) to the eyes of one born and raised in places making that area seem crowded and suburban. The wolf was found last April in the overroaded National Forest (the logging orientation creates roads that are not allowed to return or replanted to natural states. Logging equipment is quite heavy, and the roading created at a loss to ALL US taxpayers for the rape that is logging, are laid down to prevent natural erosion and recovery), had died perhaps as much as six months earlier, when the collar ceased transmitting.
    that’s Sept/Oct 2016.
    Those who are able to observe just WHO brags, will have to identify and mark such individuals for closer rather covert monitoring and scrutiny.
    There is no overt community, instead only euroamericans dissociated from their world, sufficiently so that all other life is regarded only as target for those imagining their “freedom” is somehow enhanced by killing those they regard as outcaste.
    This area east of the Cascade divide and outside Sky Lakes and other upper-elevation wilderness (including parts of Crate Lake NP), was the original path of wolf return. It was all too well-known through excessive media and agency publicity as the viable route for wolves’ return. Every known wolf had been publicized as passing through, so one can only expect that the psychopathic killers with guns would be on extreme alert and talking about it among themselves.

    Too few protectors or advocates can even understand these people, whom I have encountered for four decades. Many are the excess offspring of ranchers, who did such killing as teenagers, feeling justified. Others are and were expatriates from yet more crowded suburban environs. They once huddled rather alone in small towns, keeping to themselves, collecting guns (I have seen this type produce in “confidence” and desire to brag, full auto weapons. They often do not participate in any natural interaction with the world around them, instead buying ORVs (a subculture enabling them to intercommunicate. Go there for another way to find these weird sociopaths who consider themselves “outlaws).
    They live in their imagination, imagined mystique, and way too much dependence on alcohol, meth, one another. Most did not appear to exist before around the latter 1970s, excepting only the eager psychopathic children of ranchers and farmers. That dead-eyed/hearted group probably stemmed genetically from the first immigrants. A grandfather had such propensities, and I saw it handed down through my brother and his offspring. Some self-involved religious cults like Mormonism share this psychopathy toward other life, while patting themselves on the back for “saving” humanity by killing the rest of the world off.

    You have to understand what you are up against. Some of my own such relatives live a couple counties away in much smaller communities, and I am often alone in the wild places where the warped go to kill, hearing gunfire any day on public lands.. Fremont-Winema, Ochoco, Shasta, Modoc and others, when the snow doesn’t cover, sound like intermittent war is going on all the time (for those of you that haven’t heard war, the gunfire is periodically quiet with localized distant pot-shots and more rarely, auto-weapons sounds, with rare intense outbursts).

    Te wolves dispersing from NE Oregon have a long gauntlet of relatively heavy and offroad-mobile humans of ill intent, to run. The entire stretch show exactly WY public lands ranching needs to be eliminated, forest service roads need a regime of heavy closure, and ORVs completely outlawed on public lands. They’re all packing and legal or illegal, four-leggeds are their targets.

    • Twowolves October 13, 2017 at 8:35 am - Reply

      Exactly 😉 and we have people that would fit right in on the surface

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