Wyoming Takes Over Wolf Management

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Wyoming Takes Over Wolf Management

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It is a pretty bad day when these one-sided legislators are allowed to pass special Interest legislation. We have shown you our research that leads to the path of Success against this. How Long will it take for folks to realize that our research can help our Wildlife in total, not just Wolves alone.

Wyoming has no business managing their wolves for any reason after getting busted for selling banned poisons…..

Governor Matt Mead announced a Federal Appeals Court entered its final order, upholding Wyoming’s Wolf Management Plan.

Penny Preston reports the US Fish and Wildlife Service will make it official soon, but there won’t be a wolf hunt, for a while.

Wyoming’s Game and Fish Department managed wolves in 2012, after they were taken off the endangered species list. Biologists trapped and monitored wolves in the state, and hunters killed wolves in the trophy game area just outside the parks. The animals were also killed as predators outside the trophy game area.

But two years later, Wyoming’s wolves were put back on the endangered species list after four environmental groups sued, saying the state plan wasn’t strong enough to protect wolves a federal judge agreed.

Now, the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC has issued its final order upholding Wyoming’s Wolf Management Plan.

Alan Oserlund told News 13, “We work very hard to manage all our populations. And wolves will be no exception. And I think our track record from the two years that we did manage them indicates that.”
A former Yellowstone Park Ranger agrees.

“Wyoming is an extremely able organization. I respect them a lot. Their integrity level is extremely high. And they are going to manage the population for sustainability,” said John Osgood.

But a Wildlife Ecologist in Cody is concerned about Wyoming’s dual listing, which allows wolves, “to be treated as vermin, to be killed on sight anyhow, anywhere, anytime over 85% of the state.”

Chuck Neal said wolves are top level carnivores that keep ecosystems in check.

“The Yellowstone ecosystem was unraveling prior to the return of the wolves 20 years ago, huge numbers of elk. They degraded riparian ecosystems.”

Wyoming is a state of ranchers, hunters, and outfitters. They see de-listing as the right thing to do.

Jerald Jochim, a Wyoming rancher felt, “ The dual plan was marvelous. I’m glad we stuck to our guns on it. We don’t have a place for wolves throughout the state.”

Pierson Hodgens added, “You can’t manage your elk or your moose or your deer or anything if you can’t manage everything that affects their mortality rates.”

A senior representative of the Sierra Club, which filed the lawsuit against Wyoming’s plan said they don’t like the ruling, but accepted it.

Bonnie Rice said this shows why congress should not tamper with the endangered species act.

Source: Wyoming Takes Over Wolf Management

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  1. Shunka April 28, 2017 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    Game farming.
    Montana, Idaho, and elsewhere also suffer the arrogance of believing the native fauna (and trees, and water itself) exist only to be managed for some segment of the human population.
    Until this error, this arrogance is removed from the culture’s ideation, rhetoric, and policy, ALL species not domesticated for human “mastery’ or consumption, are at risk, vulnerable to extinction.
    The west already has its winter habitat largely expropriated and sequestered for the sole benefit of one human or another.
    The elk hunters so pampered by WY, MT, ID, are 50% or more from California, being there entirely for the purpose of reducing wildlife to trophy kills.
    Even to breathe a whisper of these facts – game farming and special interest group control of policy – to “wolf specialists”, as I have, invites insulted outrage.
    Yet, res ipsa loquitur. It is profoundly and criminally negligent to allow “management” for hunting lobbies or negligent agriculturalists. Back in their native Europe, farmers desiring to protect their food-slave animals kept them in the ground floor of their houses at night.

    One must stand with the wolf in recognizing game management agencies as tools of overly acquisitive misers, attempting to take what does not belong to them.

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