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 2 Mexican Wolves Found Dead in New Mexico 

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (PTW) — Federal wildlife managers say two more endangered Mexican gray wolves have died. Bringing the total of dead wolves this year to four already.

The animals were found dead in New Mexico in March. However Authorities did not release any details yet about the circumstances, or where the wolves were found, but did confirm their deaths are under investigation.

The deaths come after two wolves were discovered dead in Arizona in February. The two were the first to be reported this year.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials have had the wolves carcasses sent to a lab in Oregon for examination, Oregon of all places, with a comparable hatred for wolves.

Ongoing Efforts to reintroduce the endangered wolves into Arizona and New Mexico have been ongoing for two decades, yet have been prevented thus far from being restored fully to their historical Range.

Last year a breeding female was killed by USDAs goon squad running on an old NEPA. That female should have been captured, rather than killed and returned to a captive breeding program to help with keeping additional DNA to pull from to insure a viable population.

A FOIA will be submitted requesting further information.


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  2. This is simply vile animals r to b reveared not murdered or abused

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