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Greedy Ranchers, are trying to skirt the ESL by claiming Wolves are a non-native species in Oregon! 

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These Rancher groups are beyond behind the curve…. does either Oregon Cattlemen’s Association and the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation know what DNA studies are? Later this year the Oregon Court of Appeals will consider whether it was lawful for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to remove the gray wolf from the …

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Rare red wolf found shot to death; feds, wildlife group offering $5K reward for information 

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  The red wolf was found dead Dec. 21 in the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. An examination indicated it was likely killed by a gunshot on Dec. 19. PLYMOUTH, N.C. Federal authorities are offering a hefty reward to find out who shot and killed a rare red wolf just before Christmas. Red wolves are a protected species. Information leading …