It is time that Ranchers are stopped from influencing management of Public Resources

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Located within this article is recent wolf killing that will show you that Yellowstone Wolves will need us to get our “Sacred Resource Protection zone” established around National Parks.

Also Within the Below article, Fish and game along with Ranchers will show you that they should not be allowed to manage the publics resources without asking for public input, but then be required to implement the majority Opinion. Ranchers complain about Deer populations…. what will happen? FG will increase slaughter. It is past time that the Majority stop allowing the ranching minority to influence the management of the publics resources. Ranchers only solution is kill the competition. Protect The Wolves™ suggests taking up a different profession.


Game Warden, Bill Easton, gave me the notes from a landowners meeting held in November concerning deer depredation.

An invitation had been sent out to bring in their ideas and see if there was any remedy to an overabundance of whitetail deer.

Several times a year, whitetail gather in numbers.

In the spring, as the first green shoots appear, deer target the fields with the most nutritious growth. Grazing at this time of the year can dramatically reduce production dependent on deer density and the length of time they linger.

The same occurs in the fall as newly cut fields produce the last new growth of the season and plants attempt to reestablish enough foliage to best defend against winter.   Too much grazing going into winter and the plants are set back for the following year.

Winter itself sees perhaps the greatest concentrations as deer from the prairie congregate on the river valleys as they have for centuries to escape the worst of winter winds and drifting.

These same sheltered areas are where it is best for ranchers who calve during the winter.

Inevitably there is conflict over the accumulated feed.

This fall I was able to observe the dramatic difference between deer herd management theories based on wildlife populations based on federal lands and the same species of wildlife that exist a few miles to the north and solely on private property.

Deer at the edge of the national forest can avoid human conflict behind closed gates.

If they are willing to live on oak and aspen browse in the higher elevations, they can spend the winters unmolested by man.

Snows are deeper, and they are pursued by mountain lions, but for several months, men and motor vehicles leave them be.

Deer on the private lands are hunted much more aggressively and for months at a time.

Landowners from the meeting suggested a slew of changes which would decrease deer numbers through hunting.

Expanding license numbers was the obvious answer through and increase in double antlerless tags.

Lengthening the seasons to allow hunting during the times when deer are doing damage was also submitted.

Landowners suggested that antlerless licenses be given away, reduced in price, or only allowed for use on private lands.

Some suggestions are currently not legal such as transferable licenses, while others are simply new ideas being used in other states.

Nebraska offers double doe tags along its rivers that are only good within a three miles zone on either side.

The Game and Fish occasionally attempts to stop wildlife before it gets to feed lots and hay yards by bringing out alternative feed and setting it up along game trails in the hopes that they will be diverted.

One landowner suggestion involved baiting hunters to areas of need by hosting chili feeds where new hunters could be recruited to hunt in problem areas.

Yesterday’s lunar cycle was historically described as a Wolf Moon.

Wolves have been offered by several nonhunter organizations as possible solutions to big game over populations.

While perhaps popular to farmers, livestock producers would frown on their reintroduction.

Two weeks ago a vacationing Minnesota or Canadian wolf was shot in South Dakota near Clear Lake.

Wyoming ended its first wolf season in December after several years of court ordered closer. Forty-four were taken.

Several Wyoming wolves took a day hike out of Yellowstone this week and one ended up being harvested by a hunter just 25 miles north of the park in Montana where the season is still open.

That wolf set a new state record, weighing 188 pounds and looking more like a calf than a predator.

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