The court – Mann acknowledges having shot the wolf in Trysil

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Saturday 19 December, police in Hedmark message from Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) that the while tracking wolves in Trysil had found blood and that the traces of the wolf did not go further. The police officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The area where the SNO practiced tracking is outside permissions to kill the area for wolves.

Crime Technicians in Hedmark police investigated the same day the place where the tracks stopped and blood was found. Findings on site strengthened the suspicion of illegal felling. Blood that was found at the site have been analyzed by Rovdata in Trondheim and confirmed that it was blood from a wolf that was previously known in northern Sweden. It must be a genetic important wolf that was during migration.

Through further investigation the police got information that led us to indicted a man in 40 years from Trysil for violation of Penal Code § 240, second paragraph, lessening a stock of endangered species. The penalty is six years imprisonment.

The accused chose to report to the police in Trysil after consulting with a lawyer.During the interrogation, he admitted having shot the wolf. The accused testified that he knew it was a wolf he shot. He has not invoked any kind of self-defense or other lawful basis for challenge.

He explained how it happened but the police did not want to elaborate on this when there is a need for more research to get the explanation confirmed.

The man has told how the wolf was located and police secured the wolf last night.The wolf, one male wolf, was hidden in a remote place in Trysil.

The wolf will be further examined at the National Veterinary Institute in Oslo.

Police are still investigating to get full clarity on the matter.

The court – Mann acknowledges having shot the wolf in Trysil.

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