Profanity Peak Pack Discrepancies by Donny Martorello

Washington Wolf Packs: Profanity Peak | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

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Profanity Peak Pack Discrepancies by Donny Martorello

Protect The Wolves® has some concerns why Donny Martorello had this Chronology Report Cleaned up too remove their claimed “Humane KILL” from above? What is your Opinion of this recent discrepancy ?? WDFW clearly has brought Idaho kill all Mentality to Washington State.

Donny Writes:

I am writing to update you on recent wolf activities in two packs.


Profanity Peak pack


  • Yesterday (September 29), WDFW staff, using a helicopter, lethally removed one adult male from the pack. This brings to seven the number of wolves lethally removed in response to the pack’s repeated depredations on livestock.


  • Since July 8, we have documented a total of 14 depredations on livestock, including nine confirmed and five probable depredations.  As I reported two days ago, we confirmed the most recent depredation earlier this week.  Given this pattern, we do not believe we have achieved the goal of stopping depredations in the near future.


  • In addition to the wolf removed yesterday, we have removed two adult females (Aug. 5); one adult female (Aug. 21), and two adult males and one female pup (Aug. 22).


  • Based on recently documented tracks, we believe the pack now includes one adult female and three juveniles.


  • The Department’s removal operation is continuing but as I’ve indicated before, we recognize full pack removal will be extremely challenging, given the rugged and heavily timbered landscape in the area and the wolves’ extensive range.  We are continuing to communicate and coordinate with Ferry County Sheriff Ray Maycumber.


Smackout pack


  • Yesterday (September 29), WDFW staff investigated a reported livestock depredation in the Smackout wolf pack area.  Based on their investigation, staff classified this event as a confirmed wolf depredation, which injured one calf. That brings the total documented to three depredation events on livestock since September 21, including the one confirmed kill, one confirmed injury, and one probable kill.


Here is a Copy of Today’s Chronology Report

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Here is a copy of WDFWs Original Reports showing their famous claim that they Humanely KILLED 1 Wolf out of a Helicopter that they somehow could not Locate on the ground… So how is it they were able to claim that it was killed humanely???

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Source: Washington Wolf Packs: Profanity Peak | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

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