Wyoming Counts at Least 347 Wolves in the State… Seriously?

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Wyoming counts or estimates?

There is no way possible they can have that high of a count with the numbers that were killed by the USDA and hunters in 2017 for them to have 347 left!

The below article didnt even bother to provide accurate Hunter slaughter numbers from Wyoming, as you can see from the graphic direct from their website.

Folks, they have killed 44 possible National Park Wolves as well as 32 wolves outside of the Trophy zones

Wyoming baited the Feds with a high target to preserve the wolf, then lowered it. They have no Business managing the Public’s Resources as they have already proven by getting caught selling banned poisons.

The Large Orgs like  the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders, Endangered Species Coalition would be smart to Join Us.

We have tools available that they do not. We have emailed all of the Large orgs for Years yet they refuse to respond or Participate in Our Legal Minds Conference. They have even blocked our posts as a matter of fact 😉  Why is that a prudent Individual might ask?

Some of these large orgs have prevented us from joining the Pacific Wolf Coalition, We have been kicked off The Endangered Species National Phone Conference at the request of some of these Large Orgs…..  Why is that a Prudent Individual might ask?

In doing so they are refusing to accept the benefit of our Research as well as tools we have available, not to mention they are taking their focus off of what is important… Your Wildlife!  Id strongly suggest that they stop ignoring Us before the Public catches on.

1 Large Org told the mother of the Boy in Idaho that was almost killed by an M-44 that they weren’t happy with her coining her petition “Canyons Law”, that it was taking the focus off of what they had tried to do. That statement is a Quote direct from Her 😉

Why would Large Orgs refuse or complain about using tools that they can not, nor will not ever have?

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming is estimated to have at least 347 wolves roaming within its borders after the state regained management of the animals and allowed limited hunting of wolves, according to an annual report by state wildlife managers.

The number of wolves counted by state game managers at the end of 2017 is down from about 380 estimated the year before.

State Game and Fish Department officials say the wolf population level continues to be healthy and exceeds all criteria established to show that the species is recovered.

“It is significant that today we are now managing recovered and healthy populations of all of Wyoming’s native large carnivores,” Dan Thompson, large carnivore section supervisor, said in a statement Wednesday.

But a wildlife advocate decried the drop in wolf numbers.

“Wolves won’t persist outside Yellowstone National Park if Wyoming continues to eradicate them at this appalling pace,” Andrea Santarsiere, a senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, said.

Wolves in Yellowstone and on the Wind River Indian Reservation remain under federal protection.

The state report released Wednesday said 43 wolves were legally hunted last year in the state outside Yellowstone and the reservation. It was the first time since 2013 that the state held a wolf hunt after the federal government allowed the state to resume management of the wolves last year.

According to the report, wolves killed 191 livestock outside Yellowstone and the reservation in 2017. That’s down from 243 in 2016.

And the number of wolves removed separately from the legal hunting season for conflicts with livestock fell from 113 in 2016 to 61 last year, the report said.

A federal appeals court in early 2017 lifted endangered species protection for wolves in Wyoming, allowing the state to take over management of the animals. Wolves were reintroduced to the Northern Rockies, including Idaho and Montana, in the mid-1990s.

Source: Wyoming Counts at Least 347 Wolves in the State | Wyoming News | US News


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