protect yellowstone wolves, protect the wolves

Wyoming Wolf Slaughter Trophy Zones continue to attack Yellowstone Park Wolves

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protect yellowstone wolves, protect the wolves


At an Alarming Rate!!!!

AS OF 10/6/2017 at 3pm

We asked for your support back in May to Help Yellowstone Wolves with our Sacred Resource Protection Zone…  Wolves are dying, crying out for us to help them.

Please Consider Joining Our Voice to establish a Sacred Resource Protection Zone Surrounding National Parks in the Blood thirsty state of Wyoming a total of it appears 39 wolves altogether 20 from the Trophy Zone, 19 from the general Slaughter Zone in this Bloodthirsty State!
Please consider becoming a Paid Member so We are able to call these crooked states out in COURT. We have the Research, the tools, the Attorneys, only missing Ingredient is 57,000 plus followers.

Take Back the Power that You as the public hold! Help us to put The Indian and Public Trusts to work Today, before they wipe out the rest of our wolves, grizzlies, wild horses.


  1. Leave our wolves alone. In order for a healthy eco-system we must preserve our wolves.

  2. What is wrong with the human race????…Has it gone MAD???…It was proven years back that the wolf balanced the ECO SYSTEM. 14 wolves were placed in yellowstone National Park in 1995, and everything changed for the better….The video: HOW WOLVES CHANGE RIVERS proved this to be TRUE!!!…I can only say that we are a very SICK aND DEMENTED society.

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