Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center 

//Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center 

Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center 

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Wolf died with Dart

Here is another example of why we need to stop collaring wolves!!! The shooter has no way to determine if the Dart will hit an artery!! Are endangered Wolves lives worth a chance? We would compare that question to are your Childrens lives worth a chance!!

NESPELEM—Perhaps the most valuable gray wolf to set foot on the Colville Reservation since the species’ reintroduction back in 2012 is on display here at the Colville Tribal Government Center, 21 Colville St.

“Our wolf display has arrived and is down in our area,” Colville Tribal Fish & Wildlife director Randall Friedlander told the Tribune via email May 19.

From 2012-2015, the animal’s location was pinged every three to five hours using GPS, which showed it spent most of its time between all four districts of the 1.4 million acre Colville Reservation. It traveled as far south as Hellgate, and about halfway to the Canadian border on the north half.

The collared member of the Nc’icn pack was accidentally slain during an aerial capture attempt in January of 2015. A chemically-immobilizing dart was believed to have struck an artery in the 70-pound wolf during a re-collaring effort, officials said.

Friedlander, after meeting with his staff after the incident was reported, decided to put the wolf on display.

“A lot of folks aren’t sure what they look like,” he told the Tribune in February 2015. “This is an up close and personal way to learn more about the wolf.”

The three-year-old wolf had not reproduced and was not the alpha female, Friedlander said.

The Tribe began hunting non-collared wolves back in 2012, when they returned to the area from Idaho, but CTFW has yet to report a harvest. A large dog, however, was brought in for confirmation in year’s past.

Friedlander made a move this month to allow trapping, reducing the kill total from 12 to three in the process.

Source: Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center – Tribal Tribune: News

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