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Wolf numbers slashed by Wyoming hunters

More evidence that Wyoming has no business managing the Public's Resources. Wyoming Officials have no concern for the majority of the publics comments that have been submitted thus far. The only language that Wyomings Wildlife Managers will understand, will be that that comes from a Judge. Please consider helping Us to get Our Attorneys into court, using research, and tools that are not available to all orgs.  You can Join the Howl here: or our online shop at JACKSON — Hunting’s return to the landscape slashed the number of wolves in Wyoming last year, though not to the [...]

First wolf hunting season since 2013 did not produce any surprises  |

First wolf hunting season since 2013 did not produce any surprises according to the Cody Enterprise However, when Trophy Zones exceed Harvest Quota it is 100% unacceptable!! We will be adding to our petition that if they are going to continue to hunt Trophy Zones, to make it a draw only tag, with explicit number according to the quota set in each unit! Join Us to insure Yellowstone and Teon Wolves remain for your Children's Children. Wyoming hunters killed the established limit of 44 wolves during the state’s first gray wolf season since 2013. Ken Mills, Game and Fish’s chief [...]

Letter: ‘Flake’ is a fitting name | Politics-national |

'Flake' is a fitting name, considering he doesnt think Federal Law applies to them. Protect The Wolves™ is working towards getting these elected officials into court that seem to think that federal laws do not apply to them. We need to hold these Officials Accountable! The media made it appear it was the Tribe that demanded the first Mexican Gray female be shot. That is not true. We spoke with White Mountain Apache Fish and Game, they only suggested something be done about her. Which rather than running on an old NEPA, she should have been returned to a captive [...]

Costner Disappoints us playing a Rancher ? Or Will it be pro Wildlife?

Our Wolves Need a Christmas Miracle People with your help We can be successful in Protecting your Children's Resources! Protect The Wolves™ has to Question why both Kevin Costner and his Publicist Perri Eppie are only mentioning the Boom to the Economy their series has added to Montana. Yellowstone National Park adds MILLIONS!! Costner claims to have a love for the "REAL" Native Way, and a love for wolves, yet he chooses to play a Rancher?? Why is That, is he shedding light on the problems for our Sacred Species? We have to ask if he has forgotten the way of [...]