protect park wolves, protect yellowstone wolves, sacred resource protection zone

33 Possible Park Wolves Slaughtered in Wyoming already

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protect park wolves, protect yellowstone wolves, sacred resource protection zone

Take Back the Power that You as the public hold!

Wyoming Over WOLF SLAUGHTER Quota in 3 Zones !

What will it take for the Government to Realize that Wyoming has once again proven they are incapable of managing The Public’s Federal Resources?


At an Alarming Rate!!!!

AS OF 10/30/2017

Will Wolves still be available for your Grandchildren to view in Yellowstone?

What will you be able to Tell Your Children’s Children?

Did you Join The Movement Yet? 

We asked for your support back in May to Help Yellowstone Wolves with our Sacred Resource Protection Zone…  Wolves being needlessly slaughtered, crying out for us to help them.

It has been reported to Us today that they are shooting in the Dark with spotlights near Jackson Wyoming by 1 of our Volunteer Staff. She is reporting that 1 landowner is even baiting Elk into a field to slaughter… The Game Warden was called about the night time shooting, he responded they are shooting at Wolves.

Consider Joining Our Voice to establish a Sacred Resource Protection Zone Surrounding National Parks in the Blood thirsty state of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

A total of it appears 58 wolves altogether 33 from the Trophy Zones 3 of which are already over Quota., 25 from the general Slaughter Zone in this Bloodthirsty State! Keep in mind that  these are just Wolves that have been reported killed! Does not take into account all that people chose not to report as they are required!!
Please consider becoming a Paid Member so We are able to call these crooked states out in COURT. We have the Research, the tools, the Attorneys, only missing Ingredient is 57,000 plus followers.

Take Back the Power that You as the public hold!

Help us to put The Indian and Public Trusts to work Today, before they wipe out the rest of our wolves, grizzlies, wild horses.


  1. My namesake punishment is the only fitting one for these bloodthirsty, sub-human barbarians. Even the Huns would be appalled by these monsters.

  2. You know, I happened to be writing a comment about wild horses on High Country News just now, mentioning that if we protected and freed the wolf to return to his world, the screaming about “managing” wild horses would not be necessary.
    This caused me to think of some work I did for a friend whose PhD was shredded in the Soviet era. He ad me looking for symbols (they are in petroglyphs and on the skins of some dwellings an d other materials of many tribes from across this continent into all of high Asia, and have mnemonic uses which aren’t directly relevant here.
    But what IS relevant are some of the ways and ecological observations of peoples who lived in concert with the native wild life all around, and since the wolf is the native of all of the north (humans like eskimos and many, many others, moved into Wolf’s world even in times that writing cultures claim as their time), we need to go beyond this few generations of .pretense that the world is “ours.”

    The Orochon (oro – caribou/reindeer – the latter term obviously meaning deer on whom you can put reins – and chon, man/people) are one of the Tungus and Evenk (whose name for the in-between interpreters of the animals, are the source of the word you apply as “shaman”) think of the Wolf this way:
    They recognize that their use of the reindeer and the wolf’s, is equally valid, and because the wild caribou are indistinguishable even to themselves, they refuse to blame the wolf in any way.

    Instead, Tengri (the Great Sky – I use the Mongol word here because I’ve forgotten the other names meaning the same giver-of-life, the weather, etc. who cannot favor one kind of creation over others) tells the Wolf to take and balance the Oro, so that there do not become too many. The Orochon know this, and harbor no resentment or vengeance, unlike the rude peoples who came here, to this part of the Wolf’s world.
    Chono, the word for Wolf, is so much like their word for person or man, that I couldn’t distinguish.
    This says something about the ways of people who knew the wolf and lived with them far longer than the people who moved into Wyoming in the last mere century and a half, or who “control” through the imposition of death.

    I don’t very often bring up this kind of thing, but having heard the stories by which humans live, from Siberian to North American , I found so much alike, that I’ll sometimes speak of it in person. I do here, to show how far out of touch are the self-absorbed people of the present, that they have lost all connection to the life around them, and thus, to reality.

    These impositions of killing technologies resulting in claims that humans have rights to “guns” and crap like that are the fakest news of all.
    I might have even posted (I write a lot of comments on this site) about the recent research published last month in Nature one of the two most reputable science publication existing. Find it here:
    DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-13361-9

    It SHOWS that humans are NOT predators, but just another omnivore, afraid when they smell blood, while the Wolf has the more important place in the world, of real management of herbivores like “cattle.”

    We are FAR too mistaken in pretending that we are above any other animal at all. Even many of the present native tribes have fallen prey to this fiction, since the technology of taming horses and herding animals around was imported into the Wolf’s world.

  3. Please pardon me for sometimes writing somewhat incomprehensibly – All this moving my mind around among languages often makes me omit a lot of the words clarifying things.

    I have other beefs (!) and one of them is the way humans characterize themselves, people they like or don’t like, and the purse-name-calling they do.
    I have jumped on many people who don’t realize how tender and organized and social and intelligent are wolves. (I accept their ferocity, with a childhood experiencing its necessity in life)
    When the recent crap about “lone wolves” came out a few years back, i attacked this false Euroamerican characterization pretending that the wolf was something to shun, or that it was correct in any way. The responses from both “progressive” and “conservative” , religious and pure bullet-spraying psychopathic gun-toters was always the same.

    Here is the most recent dissection of the inaccurate vilifying term:

    I invite you to celebrate this moon, this time of year when the young pups are grown enough to travel with the older siblings and adults,, freeing up the family group to range, explore, and hunt together. After about March, the Mom wolf, starts to look, digging or returning to a safe place to give birth, and the family group is tied to the land around; even after pups are moved to an open space where brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, even grandparents no longer breeding, can tend and play and teach, the wolves have to often searchh singly for food. But they always return to the family.
    The late-teen and young adult wolves disperse, sometimes in winter, when the rising hormones can make the group rowdy enough to become too serious for tolerating – more unfriendly you might say. These are alone in their search for new home and mate, and some even hang onto the rear of the main family group, following them to get what they can, until either accepted again, or finding a friend to find that new place with.
    But they never want to hole up collect guns, or explode themselves to kill others. Tat depraved thing is a human thing.

    So, let’s get back to the celebration of togetherness:
    The coming Moon, one of the 13 Moons each year, is known by many peoples as:
    The Moon When The Wolves Run Together.

    We don’t need no vembers! the Moons more accurately follow the changes of seasons and the occupations to engage in. The leaves hardly know when to fall any more. The renewal peoples, where I live these days, celebrate both the first salmon and spring, and say that without renewal tending, the world will collapse. But the Wolf knows, , tends to the herbivores (as we hear from Lassen), knowing the balance of all things. Go away from the human noise when you can, and listen. There is beauty, balance, song.

  4. The latest news in Oregon, from ODFW:
    will show you how the pleasure-killing community has learned how to disguise their wolf murder.
    You will read the claim that the female
    “ran toward me”.
    This will be the latest lie whose use will spread through their websites and is more effective than the Mcikttrick evasion of “I thot it wuz a ky-ote” , as false witnesses will corroborate, and as you’ll read, the coyote falsehood is retained to bolster the false innocence of gunning down every wolf they see..

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