Donny Martorellos Weak attempt for an IWC meeting

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Donny Martorellos weak attempt at an IWC Meeting!

Martortello has refused to hold any since 2015. The BIA is not happy with his refusal to communicate! He has only recently contacted them due to constant pointing out his blatant NEGLIGENCE! This will not get him off the HOOK!! They have also not had the agreed upon number of public Meetings this year as well. Martorello is failing miserably and needs to be replaced!

This Agenda is a very weak one to say the least! These Items should have been done YEARS Ago!

AGENDA WHAT: Interagency Wolf Committee

DATE: November 1, 2017 TIME: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


The call in number for the public to listen on a muted line is: 360-407-3780 PIN Code: 274119#

Participant Telephone Dial Pad Commands *0 – Operator Assistance ———————————–

9:00 am: Welcome and Introductions (Stephanie Simek)

9:30 am: Item 1: Update Status of Wolves (Ben Maletzke)

9:45 am: Item 2: Update on WDFW Conflict Prevention (Dan Brinson)

10:00 am: Item 3: Current Policy Issues (Donny Martorello)

10:15 am: Item 4: Background on IAWC (Donny Martorello)

10:30 am: Item 5: Purpose and need for IAWC

 Value in the committee

 Mission statement needed?

 Objectives / goals of the committee

 Frequency of meetings / in-person vs conference call 11:15 am:

Item 6: Updates / Items to share / Needs from other agencies 12:00 pm: Adjourn

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