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Posted on June 27, 2018 by Rachel Tilseth …Designed by Mother Nature herself. A wolf walks over to a vacated white-tailed deer bed and gently blows on it. This causes all the particles to flow up into his/hers highly tuned olfactory system (the nose). “Ah ha, says the wolf,” the deer tick’s blood is full of pus from a tooth infection. The deer …

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Now Vote U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson OUT!

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Plan to drop Great Lakes wolves from endangered species list cut from budget bill U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson’s proposal to drop Great Lakes gray wolves from the endangered species list was dropped from the massive spending bill at the last minute — to the delight of Minnesota environmentalists and the dismay of state farmers who say wolf populations are healthy …

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When farmers don’t bury dead cows, it affects where and what wolves eat | Michigan Radio

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  When farmers don’t bury dead cows It seems to affect where and what wolves eat!   Michigan has held one wolf hunt. That was in 2013, when 22 wolves were killed in the Upper Peninsula. The next year, a federal judge put wolves back on the endangered species list. Since then, lawmakers from Michigan, as well as Minnesota and …

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Counting wolves in the Upper Michigan Peninsula  

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Breaking NEWS from Michigan DNR’s Kevin Swanson says Deer Population is way up. 😉 “We have a lot more deer on the landscape now,” says Swanson. Wildlife specialists will soon be in the woods in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, tracking wolves. The Department of Natural Resources last conducted a wolf census in 2016, when it estimated more than 600 wolves prowled in …