Poacher that trapped and shot a wolf in Oregon gets probation and a fine

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Where is the justice for this wolf that was illegally trapped and then shot?  Some may remember this case of David Sanders from Elign Oregon who set unmarked traps out and caught a wolf, then shot it in December of 2017.


During the investigation, officials determined the wolf was a 64-pound juvenile female born in April 2017. Because of the location of the animal’s death, state wildlife officials believe the wolf was related to a new breeding pair in the Mt. Emily area in Union County.


We have seen a string of illegal killings in Oregon dating back to 2015 and at least nine wolves have been deliberately poached or killed under suspicious circumstances.


David Sanders told wildlife investigators that he discovered the gray wolf in a trap he had placed in rural Union County in mid-December. But upon finding the animal, police say, David Sanders shot the wolf “in the spinal column” and left it in the trap. He also said he had ONLY been trying to trap bobcats.  It’s abhorrent that it’s legal to kill and skin bobcats, coyotes and other animals and it should be banned along with cruel and torturous traps and snares.


Sanders was given 2 years probation, 100 hours of community service and a fine. He will also lose his trapping/hunting license for 3 years. Like that matters since he is a poacher like so many others. Let us not forget some of the comments below the published article following the incent about how people in the community pitch in money to “help each other out” when they get caught.  The life of an 8-month-old female wolf was taken and she, like many others deserves justice.  ~L.G 


Source~ http://registerguard.com/rg/news/local/36533939-75/trapper-who-shot-wolf-sentenced-to-probation.html.csp




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