Stop Wolf Hunting Contest in Idaho – The Petition Site

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Stop Wolf Hunting Contest in Idaho – The Petition Site.


  • author: Judith B.
  • target: Jason Husseman, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • signatures: 51,305

we’ve got 51,305 signatures, help us get to 52,000



In what has to be the one of the most bloodthirsty post-Christmas festivities yet, Idaho’s announced a wolf and coyote slaughter contest for all the family. And it really does mean “all the family” – children as young as ten can enter the competition being held on the weekend of 28-29 December.

In this celebration of tastelessness and death, prizes will be awarded for such “achievements” as most female coyotes killed, biggest wolf and so on.

Both wolves and coyotes play essential roles in the ecosystem – they are not pests. Wolves actually need increased protection. Even if numbers did need to be reduced, which they don’t, shooting these beautiful animals should only ever be done by professionals.  Treating it as family entertainment is ridiculous.

Tell Idaho that the true meaning of Christmas is not, in fact, barbarity.

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