Protect The Wolves™ Meets with Wyoming July 17th

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protect the wolves, sacred resource protection zone, yellowstone national parkDepartment of Justice is assisting Us 😉 with communicating with Wyoming Officials regarding Our proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”

We have worked hard to get this meeting set up with Wyoming Director of Game and Fish regarding “Our proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”. We meet with them July 17th to discuss the Protections we are petitioning for.

In a recent phone conversation with Sergio Maldonado, he informed us that the Tribes are working on a formal “Resolution of Support” for Protect The Wolves. As of this time however we can not confirm that it is moving closer to being finished, just that we were told it should be coming out with perhaps a formal signing on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

We still need all 55,000 plus followers to chip in and lend us a hand with donations. We have much construction to accomplish at the Sanctuary to be able to begin relocating Wolves from Idaho to Join us. Please everyone…. even 5.00 makes a difference. Especially if you multiply 55,000 people at 5.00 a month. We can continue to make real action happen.


  1. All life is precious and these animals are sacred. We must not protect them and respect them, we firmly need to respect all life and mother earth! A’ho

  2. Please leave our wolves alone…
    They deserve to be wild and free without them being killed for being a wolf! They are the most beautiful animal on this planet ☺

    1. Author

      Hi James,
      Thank you for offering your generous support!! Personal checks can be made out to:

      Protect The Wolves Sanctuary
      P.O. Box 12
      Ravendale Ca. 96123

      1. Saw your sanctuary pictures; Will you be trying to grow some shade trees at the sanctuary?

        I usually pass through Lassen country in the higher elevations, so hope you will keep reporting on the progress of creating the sanctuary, and ask should you need any specific help. I’ve written to encourage the relocation of wolves in conflict in several states to sanctuaries. WA refused, but there’s nothing like persistence, as the wolf knows.

        am also glad that the wolf has come to your territory. As the Heiltsuk medicine man said: “The wolf only shows him [her] self when [s]he has something to tell you.”

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