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  The U.S. Senate will be discussing the Appropriations Minibus bill, HR 6147 with all of its toxic sections tomorrow on the Senate floor.  The ESA is on the chopping block and wolves and many other endangered species are in grave danger. Environmental protection, Clean Water Rule and Nation Parks will also take a hit.   The US Senate convenes …

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Congressional Bid To Remove Wisconsin Wolves From Endangered Species List Falls Flat

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      An effort to remove the Great Lakes gray wolf from the federal endangered species list failed last week when Congress approved an omnibus spending bill.   Late last year language to remove protections for the animal in Wisconsin and the rest of the Western Great Lakes region was included in the House Interior and Environment appropriations bill. …

A letter from a hunter that knows the importance of wolves in Wisconsin and opposes wolf poaching Bill

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  Letter: Bills targeting wolf populations need to be stopped Letter to the editor  Published Jan. 27, 2018 I wanted to provide my opinions on S.B. 602/A.B. 712 as a scholar studying conservation, and as an avid hunter who is appalled by these bills. S.B. 602/A.B. 712 would prevent Wisconsin law enforcement officers from enforcing or attempting to enforce any …